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Our Products

Sales force geo-tracking software

Got a team of Sales Reps on the road? Then you need this easy-to-use app. Allowing access to customer databases, quoting facilities, and real-time access to stock/products within your business, it’s a multi-faceted tool that increases productivity. Geo-location functionalities mean that users can log their locations on the app, with all data conveniently accessible to management. The app is an available benefit to all Dashlogic clients.

Product rich, interoperable product database

You know that friend who never lets you down… Well, in our world it’s Baselogic, the backbone to all Dashlogic products. It houses all client base or product information as an onboarding and management tool for all data filtering to other applications. It’s easily integrated with existing ERP systems, so that you can access your data through our web interface, Weblogic. Why do you need this? Well, if you’d like to be in-sync with your stores both online and in the real world, Baselogic keeps them and you updated in real time from a product perspective, so that you don’t miss a beat.

Online consumer sales software

As the frontend of Baselogic, Weblogic is a public web interface with a products catalogue and any other information page required.