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The Dashlogic story began in 2011, backed by a team of talented business minds with a passion for innovation. Our Umhlanga offices are our home and we’ve been growing steadily ever since we first started out.

We pride ourselves on being experts in building advanced web applications. Not only do we specialise in helping our customers increase their market share through products that make a real difference, we also remain focused on our unfailing commitment to client satisfaction.

With a goal to make the lives of business owners a little easier, our software has been developed in line with 3rd party system integrations. Our aim: to provide process management software for the ever-expanding web and your ever-expanding business, too.

We’re driven to keep you connected and productive at all times. So, whether it’s through our products’ ease of use, centralised location or availability across multiple digital platforms, we’re proud to work alongside business owners when it matters most.

So, what do we actually do?

Some might view that as a personal question, but at Dashlogic, we’re always totally transparent and upfront with our clientele. We create software solutions that allow business owners to drive their various processes with ease. Our products are fully customisable and easily integrated with any existing systems that clients might have.

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